About Rafael

Rafaël is a renowned therapist with an impressive career spanning over 30 years in traditional Egyptian medicine. His journey began at a young age, inspired and guided by his father, who introduced him to the first lessons of this ancient tradition. His passion and curiosity led him to numerous trainings and classes, and even today, he continues to constantly evolve and learn.


Rafaël's driving force in his work is his deep-rooted desire to help people. He utilizes the power of nature and relies on his intuition to sense what his clients need. Rafaël specializes in analyzing the underlying causes of conditions and seeks natural solutions such as plants, herbs, nutritional supplements, and natural preparations to support the body's self-healing ability.


In his practice, Rafaël has found that many problems often significantly diminish or even disappear after a few treatments. He is skilled in a range of techniques, which he carefully combines into a personalized treatment for each client. The ingredients of the oils used are composed with utmost care, tailored to the specific needs of each treatment.


Discover the healing power of Rafaël's unique approach at our facility in Amsterdam, where your well-being and health are our top priority.