Rafael has been able to help many people. Read below reviews of his customers.

Vincent Briere

A result of which I could only dream

I came to Ramses Health with terrible head and neck pain, I was well welcomed and explained what the problem was. After the first treatment I felt the result immediately, my neck was much looser and more flexible.
The second treatment has had a great influence because I have no headache!!
But I've noticed that my vision has improved and I can see a lot better through my eyes
Normally in the evening I have always struggled to read, only after the treatment I could see well without trouble and did not even turn on the light !!!
I have some very slight muscular pain but I'm really happy with the results and especially because it's something that I've had for years, but now it's completely gone
Then I have had one final treatment for my mild muscle pain in my shoulder, and after the fourth treatment I can say without a doubt that the pain in my neck and shoulders is completely gone. I drank even last night, a few beers and in 10 years never happened that I wake up without a headache, but I did! I am very happy with this result, it is in fact a result of which I could only dream of.


This man brings you from hell to heaven.

This man brings you from hell to heaven. I have back pain, turned out to be the beginning hernia and because of my age, the specialist could do nothing for me. I could literally do almost nothing independently on myself, I could not bend down, getting out of bed was very difficult and with much pain, I could not go to the toilet on myself, I could not even dress up on my own, I couldn’t get up the stairs even the curb was too high, and painful. I also got cramps in my calves.


I ended up with Ramses health through my son. After my first treatment I felt great improvement, after the second I could even go to the bathroom again. After having a few treatments at Ramses Health, I can walk again without any pain, I can even climb up the stairs are going without any trouble and I can get dressed on my again. It's a wonderful result

Tjitske bakker

It shrunk from the size of a date to the size of a coffee bean.

Last year, I suddenly got a big hump in my groin, I thought it was hernia and went to a doctor, who referred me right through to make an ultrasound. It was not an inguinal hernia, but an inflammation of 3.5 cm. When I was referred to a specialist he made a puncture to get a sample. They did, but there was nothing valuable. I had pain in my groin and could hardly walk. Especially after driving I couldn’t stand on my legs without collapsing. Sleeping was painful. I went to Ramses Health and I have been treated here. After a few treatments, the hump in my groin gad shrunk to less than 1 cm. It shrunk from the size of a date to the size of a coffee bean. I had no pain anymore.


I am very grateful to Rafael

Joram Bons

Overall, my skepticism was quickly turned into astonishment because of the fast and good results!

After a serious injury with volleyball more than five years ago, my knee is still sore and severely weakened. Playing with the kids or a day strolling through the city was impossible without pain, even after a year of rehabilitation. Through a friend, I ended up with Rafael. Obviously, I was very skeptical, my knee was indeed written off by medical science, only an operation could still have some progress on my knee. But there was also a 50% chance that the knee might be getting worse after the surgery.

Rafael went energetically to work, and the treatment was well explained. First in an infrared sauna and then stimulating the nerves and muscles with the treatment. The first time was pretty tough, but even then I was able to notice results. The knee felt slightly firmer.

After the first few sessions the pain began to diminish and I could play on my knees with the children after years. I actually didn’t felt pain my "bad" knee anymore, which is obviously a good sign.

After several sessions my knee already felt so normal that I even had to think to not burden them too much, because the muscles were obviously still weak. Now I can move more weight at the exercise with my "bad" knee than with my "good" knee. Time to address also this knee, so....

Overall, my skepticism was quickly turned into astonishment because of the fast and good results!

Marijke Poiesz

The pressure on my jaw is gone. I would recommend it to anyone for any complaint whatsoever.

I suffer now 5 years from facial pain. Previously, I suffered once a year for several weeks from seizures. This past week I had 30 seizures a day. I have just given birth and I'm not sleeping enough. Because of this and the load of caring for the baby's, the attacks were more violent than usual and had increased in frequency. After trying a lot such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, manual therapy, chiropractor, dentist, dental surgeon, bioenergetics and finally a neurologist but all without effective result. My mother the found the website of Ramses Health. From Friesland to Amsterdam is a big distance, but I'd do anything because I couldn’t longer enjoy the baby and everything around it.  I lived with my parents because I couldn’t fully take care of myself and the baby because of the pain. Especially my jaw and teeth. When I had an attack it radiated also to my arm.

After the first treatment I haven’t had any attacks. No pain in my arm.  I came unhappy to Ramses Health and after the treatment, I walked out without real pain. I could enjoy in a long time again.


I then had multiple follow-up treatments at Ramses Health with an unexpected result. I have no pain at all! Lovely. I now have a better night's sleep. Everything feels looser and I feel relaxed. The pressure in my jaw is gone. I would recommend it to anyone for any complaint whatsoever. It is worth the try.

Ties van den broek

I think that Raphael has a unique approach that provides a solution to people who finished treatment everywhere

My shoulders and neck were almost always tense. My job, sitting all day behind a computer is probably the cause. I really began to bother me, so I went to a physiotherapist. He indicated that there was so much tension in the shoulders that he couldn’t come through. He referred me to a chiropractor. That also wasn’t a success and then I ended up with Rafael. Its intensive and sometimes also painful treatments the tension largely resolved after a number of treatments and I feel that my neck and shoulders are more relaxed. In times of stress, the tension sometimes increases, but it is also quite easy because of the increased awareness in that area for me to relax them again. I think that Raphael has a unique approach and offers this solution to people who have been everywhere without results

Chris Poiesz

An investment that was more than worth it

In the summer of 2016 I was fully treated by Rafael for my right shoulder, back and other body parts. In several sessions Rafael has been able to deal with my shortcomings. These consisted of shoulder and back problems. Built up over the past ten/fifteen years playing volleyball and tensions in combination with a wrong posture. Rafael has brought my right and left shoulder and back in balance. The right side was more (a few centimeters) to the back than the left, because of volleyball. Furthermore my muscles and nerves were loosened. In the course of the years my muscles became quite stiff. A change in mentality was also accomplished by Rafael. Advising me to do a sport warm-up and cool-down before and after.


Furthermore, my posture has improved, I was walked slightly bent over, because of nerves, muscles that had formed incorrectly in my first thirty years of life. This is now more in balance. During the sessions, but also afterwards I was able to sleep deeper and more intense, partly because waste stuck in my body were released. I can also be fit with less sleep now. I've come to the conclusion that the investment of driving back and forth between Friesland and Amsterdam and is worth the time. It is an investment in yourself. Meanwhile, I can continue to play volleyball.

Antje Poiesz

Our whole family has been to him with appealing result

My experience with treatment Raphael:


My knee arthroses complaints are so improved that I can move well again without any pain. He sufficiently recovered my knee joint. Unbelievable. He also has an excellent psychological insight and made with his physical approach emotionally balanced again. I felt myself completely safe with him. The treatments are intense and very rewarding. Almost our whole family has been to him with appealing results. The Facial pain of the youngest daughter has been cured! I wish everyone Raphael’s treatment.

Fred van Heukelom

This therapy can bring me many steps closer to a clear, strong mind and body.

A long time ago I felt myself healthy and fit. In the recent years, I was deeply disturbed by emotional problems and stress. I noticed that my concentration and physical strength decreased and that something my greatly sabotaged, resulting in myself becoming less bright. Through a friend of mine I had come into contact with an extraordinarily gifted therapist named Rafael. Since last week he is supporting my recovery with his "healing treatments'. My body was very weak and polluted. Also all my muscles, especially the muscles around my spine were hardened and sour. The therapy until now consists of healing deep tissue treatment, the use of appropriate oils and the infrared cabin, I noticed that my condition improved and I felt better. I started to feel my body again as nice, I also feel that my physical posture has improved and I feel a deep mental calm and clarity. I am confident that the continuation of this therapy can bring me many steps closer to a clear, strong mind and body.

Kaijatu bah

A wonderful result

Kadijatu bah is a 7-year-old girl, suffering from a muscle disease so she has the following problems:


  • A myopathy face (mouth open and bilateral ptosis) and wearing glasses
  • She stands with hyper lordosis
  • There is proximal and distal muscle weakness
  • Kadija falls often
  • Cannot run, walk on her heels, jumping and standing on one leg
  • She can stand on her toes for a short time
  • Has difficulty climbing stairs
  • Her balance is very weak
  • To stand up from lying she rolls


Because of treatments of Rafael from Ramses Health kadijatu has improved a lot in many ways that I am going to mention below:


  • The first thing I noticed was that the blood circulation of Kadija was improved
  • Kadija had a different facial expression
  • During the course of treatment her weight slightly reduced and her stomach didn’t feel as hard and she went more frequently to the toilet.
  • The pain in the muscles were hugely reduced
  • When getting out of bed Kadija can get up easily without rolling on her side
  • The now succeeds with walking up the stairs without pulling her other leg with her.
  • Kadaija feels herself much fitter and plays more with other children and even tries to run
  • Kadija now puts her glasses off more often when looking at the TV and looks brighter from her eyes
  • She can bend through her knees without help
  • She can now stand up without any help from the ground, without having to hold on to something
  • She now also can now stand on one leg without help
Paul van Hogen

No more pain in my calf, knee and stomach areas. My hands and feet are always warm

When I took a single deep treatment by Rafael in February (for relaxation) I was suffering from all kinds of complaints from head to toe. After the first treatment, I didn’t seem to suffer any longer from headaches (which I was facing for months) and I could breathe again through my nose again without opening my mouth, which I've never could do.


A few months later I returned because of an additional complaint that I developed this time with a goal in my head, which is to retrieve a very good health.


When I started with Rafael I had a laundry list full of physical symptoms, such as mine head (weeks low sitting headache, nervousness in my shoulder and neck pain in my bones from head to toe). From my younger years, I have had some health problems for example that I could hardly breathe through my nose because of hay fever and various allergies such as dust mite for years. I've since had for 5 years now a sore throat (tonsils) there were yellow chunks wanting to get out of my body. Because of my busy life I have a lot of pain in my lower back and shoulder blades, knees and calves. On the surface, there seems to be nothing wrong. The pain is very deep, but brings a lot of trouble with it.


In 2003 I suffered from an intestinal infection. During that time I could not walk and medications did not help. When I walked in I seemed to still have huge problems with my intestines and stomach. I'm not going off regularly and have almost no appetite because of my almond issue and the additional fragrance that it brings with it. This has made swallowing difficult, and takes a lot of effort. Furthermore I suffer from joins albums that I've had since my 11th (growing pains (lumps)) under my knees. Those lumps would automatically disappear after puberty. I am now 26 years old and the lumps are still there and they still do a lot of pain. Ice-cold hands and feet are also complaints that I recognize since my childhood and I still have


After the treatment that I have undergone at Ramses Health, the problems described above were all solved. The weeklong headache is completely gone also the neck and shoulder pain disappeared. I can concentrate again and I am full of energy at work and with the activities. Even my allergies (especially hay fever) are completely gone. Also my lower back, knees and calves are doing much less pain. Actually, I feel the pain only if I have to exercise for a while. Before, I couldn’t even walk a 100 meter without having pain in my calves and knees. In that respect, it has already healed. My appendicitis has also been addressed by the treatment and I do not get bothered by stomach regions anymore. The ice-cold hands and feet that I regularly have also have now completely disappeared.

Debbie van der Volk

Now I sleep a lot more without waking every hour of the pain

Every ounce of a while I would sleep incorrectly and get pain in my neck and shoulders and full back


My left shoulder would be sore sometimes I would feel crunching when I would roll my shoulders. I would also feel as if my heart was pumping really fast an irregular. I had blood test done by GP and everything seemed okay


In 2010, we moved to Amsterdam and I decided to get fit and started to do Pilates and wearing fit flops. Which I figured would be okay as they were not strenuous activities. The result was devastating again I had leg and lower back pain. My back would be really tight and the back of my legs tight. I even felt sometimes pain in my knee.


When I finally came to you my back was very tight as if it was moving as one big piece of meat. I can only guess what caused all of this, but eventually I would like to be fit and not feel like an old woman


After the treatment I felt myself a complete different person. The problems I had in my neck are healed and I have no pain at all in my shoulder which could get me the whole night up without sleep. Now I sleep a lot more without waking every hour of the pain. Also my lower back was painful but now that is all over. I am really happy with the result and I thank Rafael for this treatment. I don’t know what I would have done without it (probably living all my life in pain)