Rafael has been able to help many people. Read below reviews of his customers.

Margriet Schulte

Since the treatment I sleep much deeper and often all night long

Before I started in December 2008 with the treatment at Ramses Health, I had a bad bowel movement and I suffered from cold hands and feet. During the treatment I discovered that all my muscles are severely soured, my muscles were therefore hard and because of my poor bowel movement, causing body waste to remain too long in my body. Since the treatment I sleep much deeper and often all night long without waking up. I also feel the blood circulation flow better in my body. My eyes shine even more. To improve my body, I've followed a diet with supervision and as a result, all the excess fat around my legs and hips disappeared. I now have almost no cellulite anymore!

Albert van Rijn

Every time I get a treatment my body feels fresh and fit


I have since 2000 suffered from atypical facial pain that is originated from my back and neck. I have searched for years for a treatment that could save me from the pain. A long way through hospitals, specialists and alternative practitioners, however, but never with improvement. Through a practitioner I came to Ramses Health in Amsterdam. He was enthusiastic about the results of Rafael and advised me to give it a try. I made pretty quickly contact and have noticed immediate results in my first treatment. After a series of treatments, the results kept getting better, something other specialists failed to achieve. At the moment I'm a few months further with Rafael intensive treatment for healing my nerve pain in the back, neck and jaw. My face and body is more symmetrical, I have a better posture and I have less back pain. The important thing is that the severe jaw pain is gone and it has enabled me to enjoy more in life. It also got me calm, I sleep better, I have more energy and I can concentrate more at my study and work. It's a miracle that my body has improved so much when I compare it with the period before the treatment. At the moment I come to him once or twice a month and every time I've feel my body refreshed and fit.


Ernie Sonneveld

In the first week I noticed all these improvements

I had problems with the following symptoms:


  • sleeping problems
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • difficulty swallowing
  • dry throat
  • pain in the upper back
  • swollen belly
  • suffering from pain in the lower back and hips
  • no power (no sense to sport)
  • flabby pale skin
  • high blood pressure
  • hard stools and flatulence


After the treatment from Rafael, I do not feel tired anymore, have lots of energy. I sleep deeply and awake refreshed. No muscle pain in my limbs. No more blockages. I now go every day to the bathroom. My skin is better and I go even brighter in the world in. I have become optimistic again and do not worry so much anymore. I am mentally and physically stronger. The hardenings in my muscles are gone. I look years younger. In the first week I noticed all these improvements. It is a healthy recommendation.

San Kievit

The cellulite in my legs and calves are gone

I've been under treatment by Rafael from Ramses Health. I begin to look healthier every day. After each treatment I feel better, my body feels light and loose. The cellulite in my legs and calves are gone. I am obviously very happy with it. I also had 37 years pain in my knee, He also resolved this problem, I can now easily take high-steps at the stairs without pain, I was always tired in the weekends, but after one treatment it was gone and it didn’t return. I also had severe back pain but thanks to Rafael, I no longer suffer from my back. In other words an amazing treatment.

Kitty Stibbe

After the treatment, I could easily eat and drink and I slept well again

I had a cold, with violent coughing. Because of the sores in the mouth, I could hardly eat or drink. Both ailments were caused by reduced resistance. The treatment was delayed two weeks to recuperate, I slept very badly. Both ailments were the result of a decreasing resistance. When I came to Rafael he treated me every other day and gave me advice. After his treatments, I could easily eat and drink again. I slept well and had no more trouble with the colds and coughs. I conclude that after the treatment I feel strong again.

Margarida M. Benao

I would advise Mr. Rafael to everybody with any pain

I had back problems, first I tried normal doctors. But the pain got even worse with them. After I came by Mr. Rafael my high and lower back pain got better. Already after only one treatment!! Now I feel much better and the pain disappeared after the second treatment. I would advise Mr. Rafael to everybody with any pain.



"Finally, someone who knows what he is doing! I recommend it for people who really want to be cured of their complaint."


After the treatment, I felt no pain in the shoulder

"I've had over the years a lot of trouble with my shoulders through my work and posture. A colleague of mine recommended me last month to get a treatment. After visiting several practices without any success, I decided to follow the advice of my colleague and went to Ramses Health. The treatment here is different than I'm used to. The therapist works very precisely and uses special techniques. After the treatment, I felt no pain in my shoulder and no longer in my neck and throat where the pain radiated. It felt fantastic! I am very positive and plan to return again soon. "


Relief in my neck

"The practitioner told me that the neck pain was caused by incorrect posture of sitting and standing. After the treatment, using a very special technique, I felt a big relief in my neck and I no longer suffered from pain in the jaw."

Franz Kalab

quick lighting and improvement

2008 Very painful inflammations in large joints. Even the famous JBI proved desperate. Rafael observed: "soured, poisoned. We can not get it all out, but we can dilute it. "He put me on a diet and selected supplements, he put me in the infrared cabin and treated. Finally I quickly got better. Rafael works effectively and, when I compare the costs with other, longer treatments, economically efficient.
2018 Frozen Shoulder. After months of ibuprofen and paracetamol, Rafael puts me in the infrared cabin and takes care of my joints, muscles and nerves again. Again quick lighting and improvement.