Infrared cabin

What is Infrared Cabin Therapy?

Our infrared cabin, made of red cedar wood, offers a unique form of therapy. The cedar wood lining reflects infrared light without becoming hot itself, creating a safe and comfortable environment. The infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the top layer of skin without heating the skin, resulting in deep warmth absorbed by the body.


Benefits of Infrared Cabin Therapy


  • Improved Blood Circulation and Skin Tone: The deep warmth promotes blood circulation, leading to better-blooded skin and improved circulation of fatty tissue.
  • Reduction of Fluid Retention: Helps dissolve and remove stored fatty acids, reducing fluid retention and tightening the skin.
  • Safe and Effective: Infrared radiation is completely safe and provides an effective treatment without heating the skin.



In our facility in Amsterdam, the infrared cabin is mainly used to support the treatment of:


  • Cellulite Rheumatic complaints
  • Muscle and joint complaints
  • Bone problems
  • Skin conditions


This therapy is an excellent addition to traditional treatment methods, allowing for quicker and more effective results.

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