Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue therapy

What is Deep Tissue Therapy?

Deep tissue therapy is an intensive treatment aimed at reaching and treating the deeper lying connective tissues and muscles. This therapy is designed to address knots and tension in the muscles, making them supple and pain-free again.

This form of therapy is particularly effective for:


  • Relieving chronic muscle tensions
  • Reducing muscle cramps
  • Improving blood circulation, thereby transporting oxygen and nutrients to the muscles more efficiently



Our deep tissue therapy in Amsterdam employs a series of specialized techniques to effectively treat deep muscle layers and connective tissue. We use deep-penetrating oils that enhance and promote the healing process, resulting in faster recovery and relief from pain and stiffness.


This therapy is ideal for people with persistent muscle pain, especially as a result of intensive physical activities, stress, or a sedentary lifestyle. It is also effective for reducing the effects of prolonged muscle tension and can help restore muscle function.


Price: 150 euro

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