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Neck pain

What is Neck Pain?

In our hurried, stressful society, many people experience neck pain, making it a common problem in our country. Approximately 30% of the Dutch population will encounter neck pain at some point. There are many different types of neck pain, varying from a nagging dull ache to a shooting sharp pain. The pain often comes with stiff muscles and limited mobility and can also radiate to the shoulders and arms.


Causes of Neck Pain

There are various causes of neck pain. Constant incorrect posture, an incorrect movement, or an accident can cause neck pain. For many people, neck pain also arises suddenly and goes away once the muscle has recovered. In some individuals, neck pain develops into a chronic condition: this occurs in 1 out of 7 people. Below are the most common causes of neck pain:


Tension and Stress

As is now known, stress is not good for our body. Long periods of stress or a large amount of work pressure lead to tense neck muscles. This causes the neck muscles to become acidic, leading to neck pain.



The cause of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is still unknown. It's an autoimmune disease that releases inflammatory proteins into the body while attacking healthy cells, causing inflammation and pain in joints, tendons, and/or muscles. The muscles in the neck can also be affected, resulting in neck pain.


Fracture in a Vertebra

The cause of a fracture in a cervical vertebra is almost always an accident, where the doctor urgently stabilizes the neck and lets it heal on its own. In this recovery period, the neck is immobilized to prevent unnecessary movement for optimal healing. Many people then still suffer from a stiff neck with associated neck pain. In many cases, the neck pain goes away on its own, and in some cases, it results in chronic neck pain.



Whiplash is a neck injury where the head makes a sudden movement forward, backward, or sideways, severely straining the neck muscles and thus overloading them. This often happens in car accidents. Due to the many nerves located in the neck, the result is often neck pain. This can range from mild neck pain to severe chronic neck pain.



Neck pain can be a cause/effect of a headache. Headache can present itself in various forms. Tension headache is a common form that comes with a dull pressing pain on both sides of the head. If it's a persistent feeling, it's called chronic headache. Migraine is a throbbing headache with episodes that can vary from 4 to 72 hours. The cause is the constriction of blood vessels to the brain. Because not enough blood flows to the brain, migraine attacks occur.


Cervical Hernia

A cervical hernia is a protrusion of the intervertebral disc in the neck. Because of the amount of nerves that go through the neck to the rest of the body, this protrusion can press on one or more nerves or even become trapped. This can cause you to experience neck pain and pain in the shoulders and/or arms. If the nerve is severely trapped, sensory disturbances or paralysis symptoms can occur.


Incorrect Posture

In many cases, neck pain is caused by incorrect posture while working at a desk or studying. An incorrect sleeping position can also cause neck pain in many people. This causes the neck muscles to be unnecessarily under tension all day or partially, resulting in overstrained neck muscles or neck pain.


Treatment of Neck Pain

At Ramses Health, we understand how limiting neck pain can be. In our practice in Amsterdam, we focus on the treatment of neck pain with unique oils tailored to the neck area. Our treatments are aimed at:


  • Reducing acute and chronic neck pain.
  • Supporting the recovery process in various types of neck pain, such as hernia, whiplash, and migraine.
  • Offering an alternative to traditional medical treatments.


Price: 100 euros


For the chronic treatments of neck pain such as: Hernia, Whiplash, Migraine, Ears, etc., the price is 150 euros

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